Monday, April 19, 2010

Well, my online life has changed...

It used to be all about the gaming. Or reading about gaming. Or looking for ways to make my gaming more efficient.

I've been WoW-free for over 6 months. I have it on a USB stick, for super-fast reinstall should I wish to, but I've just had no desire. Matter of fact, I have avoided any online gaming since my departure from WoW.

The last couple months, most of my time is spent on NetFlix, watching movies online. I sure do love me some NetFlix. I occasionally hit up Face Book, but not very often. And Twitter, I've forgotten my password yet again, I so seldom log in there.

It amazes me how much time I spend watching movies these days. Do not get me wrong; I still play games. However, I've moved to the Wii console. I rather like it, and it's something the wife and I can do together.