Monday, May 16, 2005

Mexican Prez Upset??!?

So fucking what?

He's pissed because the US is taking a firmer stance against illegal immigrants. I have only two words in mind for him: Bite me.

#1 This still IS a sovereign nation, entitled to all the privileges that entails.
#2 We have a right to monitor, protect, and seal our borders.
#3 President Fox can blow my white challupa if he don't like it.

I am so sick and tired of hearing how "other countries" feel about how we run our own damn country. My opinion, for what it's worth... The next time "President" Fox opens his bean-hole, I think we should show him a little love courtesy of the USMC. Drop a frag on the mexican (the lower case is on purpose) "Casa del Presidente" the next time this 3rd-world wanna-be opens his callupa-suck. See how fast he learns the meaning of "secure border".

Fuck it. Seal all our borders. You want in... Apply like everyone else.

Druid owns my soul....

Well, I rolled a Night Elf Druid...Just to give it a try.


Had I known about this toon 6 months ago... My Rogue would never have been.

Complete and utter fun.

Druid is the class that I always dreamed of. They are the "kitchen sink" of all classes. Caster, Healer, Tank, and Rogue. You want it, the got it. Mind you, they don't do it as well as the classes that specialize in the respective skills... But if you want to solo, or be the adjustable wrench in the toolbox of any party... Druid is the way. This Class is just too fun.

I think, in all honesty... Had I not rolled a druid, I would be canceling my WoW account soon. Now,... I dunno. I'm seeing me putting another 300+hrs into leveling a toon.

Damn...time flys

Well, seems it's been over 1.5 months since my last post.

Sue me. You bastards would clikc the ads, maybe make me some cash... I might do it more often.


Well, I finally did it. I got a toon to max level. My rogue hit level 60 in WoW. That is the first (since UO) toonin any MMO I have maxxed. I felt proud when I did it.

And now... that toon sits in eager readiness to farm for me.

Yep, you heard me... It's a farmer. I've been on the top-end raids, and I have to say I am .... unimpressed. Soooooo.... what's to do?

Well, I rolled a few other toons... notmuch excitement there. That is... until I discovered the joy that is Druid.