Thursday, June 16, 2005

Atlanta needs help....

While traffic troubles in the Atlanta metro area are not a new thing; the fiasco of Tuesday's hell really drives home (no pun) the point that this city has grown beyond the ability of the local authorities to cope.

The wreck (caused by one of thousands of doucebags around here) resulted in then entire northbound section of I-75 to shut down. Right at rush hour no less. My 30 mile commute home became a 3.5 hour endurance test. Other cities seem to have at least some coordinated plan when something like this happens. Not here. No, have a major wreck here and the entire city comes to a screeching halt.

The root cause to the problem is that the metro is comprised of some 27 different local jurisdictions. No one jurisdiction has been able to step up and get them all working together. Under normal circumstances, I would oppose federal intervention in any local matter. In this case, it may be acceptable if the state is unable (or unwilling) to take this in hand. And judging from the recent 'opus stupidis' of our current state level government I dont foresee this happening.

I need to move.

Time for another monthly update

When I started this, it was with the intention of marking my little piece of the web. My own little pissing spot where I could voice my opinions on things. Politics, games, life in general... And suddenly I find myself (well, not suddenly as it has been building over time) totally losing interest in those things. It is a serious malaise that has hit me. I've had a belly full of things.

I never really expected to see things improve. I just hoped they would. This world is on the express train to hell, and nobody seems to notice or care. At least not those that can do something about it. And now I think I am one of the legions of apathy. I'm not fighting it anymore. I just want to be left to my own devices at this point.