Wednesday, June 20, 2007

WoW... Not So Much Anymore....

Well, I've just about sworn off MMORPGs. I still have an active WoW account, but I've not been on it in nearly a week. I canceled my EvE Online account, and will eat glass before I ever play CoH/V again.

What's a disciple of the almighty silicon chip to do? I'll tell you what... it's to grab some emulators for old console games, and revisit my younger days of joy. I've been playing the hell out of some old Sega Genesis console games. Yes, I realize the games are probably older than the average McDonald's worker, but I don't care. The graphics might suck in today's standards, but the game design and sheer addictiveness has not been matched in the last 12 yrs.

And it was free... and if I can play a fun game for free, or choose to play a ho-hum game for $15/month... guess which way I am going.

Suck it, Blizzard... ya should'e stayed making RTS games...

My Man-gina is Itching...

I don't know what's become of me lately. I've really become emotional in regards to things that I would think only women would. Things like hearing sad items on the news, or an animal being done wrong, or an innocent child losing a parent...

I'm not sure if it is age, booze, booze-induced premature aging, or if I finally grew a soul.


Sunday, May 06, 2007

Sometimes Nature Just Sucks...

The other day, I am sitting on the back porch, smoking away and this baby bird comes running right up to me. I dont know if this thing is rabid, or retarded. So I continue to enjoy my lung lancer, and watch. The bird does not seem to be in any hurry to go anywhere. He's just sitting there, looking at me.

So, my one weakness kicks in... That being I can not stand to see an animal suffer. I am assuming the bird fell from it's nest (it was still too young to fly). I scooped it up into protective custody. I had no idea how to care for it, so I called the vet hospital.. and was told they had no clue how to care... for ... a bird?!? Apparently, unless you are a dog, cat, or ferret.. you dont want to get sick here as the vets dont have a fucking clue on how to care for you. Anyway...

So I finally get in contact with some people (wildlife folks) that seem to know what they are talking about when it comes to baby birds. It seems that this is a baby robin, and his being on the ground that this point in his life was normal, and I should just release him. Which I did.

I found his corpse in the parking lot 2 days later.

And I actually wept. Real tears. Because I had him safe, and I let him go... and he died.

There is a lesson in there somewhere... I'm just not sure what it is yet.

Friday, May 04, 2007

And That is Why I Should Not Drink...

It's amazing the things that appear here, that I have no memory of posting. It's almost as if someone else had access to the account.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Did I Hurt Your Illegal Alien Feelings...?

The last post I did was a bit... insensitive. I acknowledge that, and I say FUCK YOU!@

You don't like what I write, fuck off. Go to some commie website that strokes your ghey vein.. you wont get it here I assure you.

That said... St. Joe McCarthy is prayed to here, in the hopes he will intercede on our behalf, and rid this country of every stinking last one of you socialist pig bastards.. may you all rot in hell.

Or a ceptic tank... depending upon your geographical location...

If you're are left, then you are wrong... if you are too far right, you're actually leaning left... why can not there be center folk?

KFC=Kan't Fuckin' Comprehend?

This seems pretty simple... "I want a 10-piece meal, all dark meat. That's legs and thighs only please!" and the somnambulent behind the register says "Ok... $ten fiddy please".

Now one assumes when the register monkey asks you for cash, naming an amount as well to the cash they require... one would assume they did the math, and are aware of what it is they sold you, and what you would expect at the window.

"Que?!? Yo no sabe del pollo fuentes... Por favor escuchin mi managore..."

Cluck you, Pedro!!!... I want fried chicken... how fucking hard is that you wetback bastard?!@?

You give me an extra side or biscuits, I swear to christ I am calling ICE. I know damn well they got "el pullo" in your country of origin. So don't look at me like a retard in the middle of traffic. Go ahead, Juan, slap the backs of your hands together, and play it up for the public dole.. but GODDAMMIT when I come by, your spic ass better get my order right... or I will be making a phone call.

Correct order=Pedro get's a check, and stays...

Incorrect order= ICE knocking on Pedro's door, as well as white devil assistant manager at KFC getting arrested and sent to PMIA prison for aiding and abetting a federal criminal...

WTF Are These Ads Doing Here? ----->

I didn't pick them, so don't blame me.

What to Play, What to Play?

Well, EvE has gotten old. I left it a couple months ago, but left my main account paid as I am still training . I went back to CoH for all of 1 hour. Could not take it, and the game is deleted from my hard drive. Never again.

I had been on a 4 month break from WoW, and thought I would check out all the new things. I rolled a toon on each of the new races, and to be honest the Alliance toon seemed cooler to me. Made him a Shaman, and got to level 27 before I developed an ulcer and put it on hold. There are people on the new server I went to that I know, all Alliance-side, and thought I would just go with my old fall-back toon... the gnome mage. Mages level fast. Well, they used to. I can't seem to make any traction with this sawed-off window-licker. Seriously, I've leveled mages and it seems like the run from level 1 to level 40 took me -maybe- a week? This fool just hit 20 this weekend, and I've had him a couple weeks now.

Oh wait... I think I just figured it out. I don't play this game like a crack-addicted monkey hitting the biscuit button any more. I average about 10 hours a week on it now, as opposed to the 40-60 hours a week I did back when it was... well addictive.

Am I getting wiser, or just more apathetic in my old age?

Time For My Annual Post

In all seriousness, I had forgotten I even had this thing. Work has had me hopping so much, that I have only time to drink and play games online. I suppose I could drink, and post.. but the seriously twisted path my mind has taken in the last year would probably get this site shut down from a drunken post.

And what has happened to Blogspot? Did Google® gobble them up as well?

It has been a while....