Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Comments are now turned on... took me long enough to figure that shit out...

New method of thinking I suppose

When I started this blog, the intent was I might talk about MMORPGs, or politics, or hell... even religion. Since my departure over the last few years, I've really lost interest in all three subjects.

So, not sure what direction this blog is going to go. Most likely it will be something along personal lines, but I am still not certain.

I'll at least try to keep it entertaining... but I make not promises as to how often I post....

Oh, The Money is Rolling

Since the beginning of this blog, I've made a massive 77 cents from the ads. I just wish I knew how to get rid of them.

Just amazing....

I got two bitches to air tonight... one, is the ads here. I have tried to remove them, and Goggle is being a dick about it.

The other, I had to do back flips to get logged into my account. Why the hell should it be so hard? But, then I suppose the rest of my life requires effort too....

Oh well.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Holy sheets.... 3 years already?!?

My my, how the time does fly. I can not believe it has been so long since I last posted on this crappy blog of mine.

Well... I'm kinda back, so... hopefully the postings will happen more often now.

I reread all my previous posts, and it astounds me how much I am not the person that started this pig back 5 years ago. Amazing.

Anyway, let my get settled in, and I shall attempt to pick up where I left off, and hopefully not with too much of the FaceBook 'weepy woe is me' shit that some blogs have become.


See ya soon.