Tuesday, December 21, 2004

WoW..... Wasting our Wages...

Well, seems Blizzard has pulled a real boner here. First and foremost the patching utility is crap. Total and utter SHIT! What crackwhore did you assholes hire to come up with this craptastic program? You can't really call it a utility. It's that un-utilizable. I'd rather do manual patching.

You know, I thought Blizzard had a beta for this game. A rather long beta. Why in the blazing hell are they fucking with the game so much and it's only the first month of release? I mean, people are so pissed that Wal-Mart has set up a special policy regarding this game. Due to the high number of returns, they only now give in-store credit, and have ceased stocking the game. When Wal-Mart won't carry your shit.... You know it's total garbage.

Blizzard better wise the hell up, and fast! You have a beta to shake out the bugs, and figure out the mechanics/balance issues. You don't fuck over your customers by selling a game for that much, charging a monthly fee, and not having a complete game.

Roll back every damn patch since release. Fuck content updates, and fuck 'holiday suprises'. Leave the damn game alone. At least it -was- playable.


Saturday, December 04, 2004

New Game, Same Crap....

Well, against my better judgment, I went and got myself a copy of WoW. I get this "AC2 is Deja Vu" feeling when I play it.

Max level is 60. And many are already there or close to it. And this is just scant days after it's release. I don't think WoW will have the same server vacancy issues AC2 had, as there is a hardcore cadre of WarCraft love children. But for those of us that are immune to the WC love-fest mind meld, WoW is not a 'WOW'.

In all fairness, the game looks good. Nice graphics. Very nice quest system that keeps you busy. But, somehow it all seems.... Unoriginal. Blizzard has (in my opinion) taken a lot from it's own formula of making a single-player game, added a few key features from others, and thrown this one out there as an MMO. This game could just as easily have been a single-player game.

Back to this "deja vu" thing.... AC2 had killer graphics. No denying, it was one hell of a pretty game. But what killed it was that they (Turbine) departed so radically from the core game of AC1 that the fans of the predecessor game were put off by it's successor. And Turbine was depending heavily on fanbase loyalty. People unfamiliar with the mythos were rather unwilling to play after a time. The game had several design flaws (not bugs, just design) that made it rather unfun.

I sadly, see some of those same flaws in WoW now.

The game appears to be meant for solo play. That is a bonus in my book. However, that may well be the undoing of this game too. While any game that can make it fun/rewarding to solo vs teaming is a great game... The fact that content stops post level 60 is a real handicap.

I don't think for a second that Blizzard will change this. But they really need to think about it. There is no "cow level" in WoW. And folks kinda expect one these days.

Will keep you posted....