Monday, September 27, 2004

Why did I ever leave AO?

I've been revisiting this old favorite of mine for about the past week, and I have to say that for the life of me I can not recall why I ever left this game. Well, why I left the last time I mean.

Since it's release in '01, I've played (and quit) this game. Some reasons more altruistic than others. Some not. I really wish I had stayed with it now. With the Shadowlands expansion, this game has really taken off. Less than 4 days, my Keeper has hit level 36. He could've been 50 now, had I not been dorking around. But that's ok. I am determined that this time around I am not going to just rush through the content. I'm going to enjoy myself, and appreciate the journey, versus the destination.

Already, I have had several twinking (when a higher level player pours on money and items to a lower level player in the hopes of making life easier) offers from clan mates. To which, I have refused. I want to savor the game, instead of power-driving my way through it. I think I could easily spend another 6-12 months in this game, just on this one character.

The Keeper class, is a rather good solo play model. And I'm all about solo. It has low-medium to medium damage output, so killing takes longer. But where they really shine is their ability to heal themselves (or the team) effortlessly. At level 10, they are able to learn a perk (something introduced with the SL expansion) that gives a constant healing. One has to seriously be in over their head to die on this one. Most monsters can not out damage the rate at which you heal. Solo, it's a godsend. When a Keeper joins a team, it's downright religious.

I'm looking forward to my first shot at teamplay tomorrow on this guy. One of my clan mates is joining me on an expedition to explore a new cave I recently found. It promises to be interesting.

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Sometimes.... I just don't know...

I suppose the nebulous nature of the internet was the original design intent when it was originally built. In case an area went offline, the others would reroute and pick up the load. However, I still have trouble getting my mind around the concept that entire domains can just go "poof"!

I was hot-n-heavy into a great round of AO tonight. Had one mission to run, and was going to bed. Had the gods of the almighty bit seen to it, that is. Here it is, 2 hours past when I intended to log out, sitting and waiting for the servers to come back online. You see similar behavior among crackheads. The entire AO world seems to have disappeared. The game servers, the forums... Hell even the account registration server has gone bubbye.

Was there a nuke dropped in either North Carolina or somewhere in Europe... And CNN has missed it? I know we got Jeane (now a tropical storm) tear-assing Florida... But the servers for the aforementioned companies do no reside there.

Leaves me scratching my head. I've pinged/trace routed until I am ready to puke. I can not figure this one out. Oh well... I can only hope it will be there tomorrow (today, for you anal retentives that actually look at the posting time on a blog. Losers.) and I can get back in. The mission timer will have long-since expired I am sure, but that's ok. I just want to touch base with my guild members, and see if everyone is ok.

It's rather funny, don't you think... That you actually develop a level of concern for people you really don't know, most likely will never meet, and would not look twice at when walking down the sidewalk. Yet, MMOs tend to have the ability to pull people together in that way. I met two very cool guys from an MMO... And consider them friends. And I worry about them, just as I would a friend I met in real life. I hope they are doing well tonight.


Tuesday, September 21, 2004

David 1, Goliath 0

Well, if nobody else has said so... Thank You! To all my fellow bloggers out there that broke out the sling, and put a stone between the eyes of a media giant. The worm is beginning to turn my friends. And it gives me hope. No longer can big media just spew pablum, and expect the public at large to just lap it up. Keep their feet to the fire guys and gals. You are what makes America the greatest country on Earth.


Can Be Silly?
Counter the Bush Surge?
Covert Broadcasting of Slander?
Criminal, Belligerent Slime-merchants?

more like

Can't Believe Shit....

The Kerry School of Broadcasting

Well, it would seem Dan Rather has taken a page from the "John Kerry's How to Throw an Election" handbook.

First he refuses to reverse his position. (Unless you live under a rock, you know about the forged documents)

Then he says there will be no apology, that he stands by the story.

tick tock

Then he says even though the supporting evidence is fake, that does not change the "truth" of the story. ("The facts, however interesting... Are irrelevant!")


Now, he "most humbly" apologizes for the story.

Looking at how the public has reacted, CBS is going to be hurting for some time.

Back to wearing an old show....

Well, after I told Cryptic where they could stick their game I was in need of a new world to call home. After much debate I decided I would return to my old home of Rubi-Ka. The planet were Anarchy Online (still one of the best MMORPGs despite massive bugs) is placed. Things certainly have changed in the two years since I left. It's like getting the game new almost.

Some things have not changed. I'm still seeing minor bugs/glitches that were there THREE years ago when they game went live. However they are not really game-breaking issues. Just rather confusing to me that they are still around this long after the game went retail.

On the whole, I would say the game has matured a great deal. The quests that I remember as being buggy, or damn near impossible seem to have been fixed. As well as a ton more added. I opted for getting the Shadowlands expansion pack and can not say I regret this. I was in the beta of that one, and it's drastically improved. The thing I kept wondering to myself was "Why did I ever leave?" I know the answer to that. I burnt out. In addition to logging 20-40 hours a week playing, I was also an active tester (AO has a perpetual "beta server" to play test new additions before they go live) as well as a member of the ARK program. In AO, an ARK is somewhere between player and GM. They are players that volunteer their time to help other players with troubles, such as being stuck or having a severe bug (ARKs have limited GM powers) that prevents them from playing. They also intercede, observe, investigate, and submit records in cases of harassment or exploits/cheats in game. One function that almost every player has seen them do is that of Greeter.

When a new player enters (new account, not character) the world, they dispatch a Greeter to sort of ease that person into the world. They answer basic question about the game interface, how to use the chat functions, inventory, maps, etc. It's a really nice touch, and I still say this single act sets FunCom above any other game company out there. The game is immensely complicated for someone just starting, and this small effort makes a world of difference. I'm glad to see the ARK program is still alive in AO.

Back to Shadowlands.... I have to say, AO was always great for it's background music. Shadowlands has even better music. It's amazing how chilling the music is at times, and it sticks in your head. In addition, the art department really did a number with the environments. You really feel as if you are in a different dimension.

So, for the next month at least... I intend to get reacquainted with an old friend.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

On a lighter note....

Looks like Dan Rather took a massive ratings hit. Gee, wonder if the viewing public does not like an idiot for an anchorman.

CBS, better take note. Not only have you impugned your own credibility... But you reduced the credibility of all 3 broadcast news networks.

Gladly though, the "street cred" of the blogoshpere has grown as a result.

"Tell a lie often enough..." and it's still a lie.....

Cryptic... The name describes their thought processes

Well, until tonight I have been a devout follower of City of Heroes. This promised to be -the- game for me. Tonight, with the release of their second major update, they have effectively made me believe that NO company knows how to make an online game.

I knew that my favorite toon would get nerfed to a crippled state. I grit my teeth, and rerolled a new toon. I worked on him a good bit, hoping to get him in shape in time to enjoy the new content. Last night while testing it, I found a deal-breaker change they had done to the villains that they failed to mention to anyone. And the great sucking sound I heard was the fun leaving the game for me.

I even made a third attempt to adapt, and just could not bring myself to go through the drudgery of the lower first 10 levels yet again.

Screw it, I'm done. Cryptic gets no more of my time or money. Hope they are filing chapter 13 inside of 3 months. Bastards.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

And stayed hard...

Well, looks like I was right. Dan Rather has said there would be no apology, and no further investigation by CBS. That the story was true, yadda yadda.

There is an increasing preponderance of the facts that the story is in fact untrue.

The most damning of all.... The words of the "trump card" as CBS put it, in the truth of these documents. Retired Maj. General Hodges; whom they claim verified these documents as being authentic. Just yesterday, Hodges came out and said that CBS had misled him, that he had never seen any documents. They just read him excerpts over the phone.

It's no secret that there is a tremendous liberal bias in mainstream media. But it should really bother people when that bias drives them to producing fictions as fact.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

And my nipples got hard....

Dan Rather eats crow

Can't say I feel for you, oh Danny boy. It's about time your socialist, commie ass was shown out.

Anyone taking odds that he'll give more than a cursory nod to the mistake?

Ah CoH...You fickle bitch....

Well, I hit level 10 on my scrapper build. It's still (in my mind) an extremely powerful build. But I die. A lot. I guess that's to be expected because now I am in the midst of my enemy groups, as opposed to just sniping them from Brooklyn.

I can't wait until I get some damage mitigation powers on this toon. He's going to truly shine by level 28, trust me.

On a side note.... My good friend from many (to many to count) previous MMOs seems to be finding his niche. Good. I really want him to have fun with this game. None of that "oh, you should sample as much of the content as possible" crap in my mind. Just pure, unadulterated fun. If that means me following him around with my high level toon, making his gamelife orgasmic... Then so be it. I'm getting kinda lonely in CoH, and glad to have a familiar face around.

By the way, check his blog out at

"Wonder twin powers....ACTIVATE!"

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Go here, or get a beating...

Fair Tax

Go there. Read, read, read.

Incase you have been under a rock... There is a bill in congress right now, H.R. 25. It's the bill to abolish the IRS, and institute (by constitutional amendment) a permanent, fair change to the current tax laws.

Get educated on this issue. It's important. More important than anything you -might think- is important in your life. This bill, should it pass... Will usher in a new era of economic growth the likes this country has never seen.

Would you like to take home 100% of your paycheck? Would you like to see the price of goods and services drop? Would you (for you older farts) like to ensure Social Security and Medicare remain solvent?

Then go there, read the info, and get involved. Write your congressman, and both Senators... And let them know that H.R. 25 MUST GO THROUGH!

Really.... Go read it...

By the way....

Walter Kronkite can still suck my brown star.

Long story.... dont get me started.

Here's fodder for the mouthbreathers....

Link to a rather worthless statistic

Some supposed "world-wide" survey... stating that the world would prefer Kerry to win the election.

Two things:

1) Of course they do. A weaker USA makes them stronger by comparison.

2) WTF do we care? Since when did non-citizens have a frog-spit worth of say in OUR god damn elections?

Bite me, you socialist, global village sackmeisters.

Damn.... am I the only one that longs for the days of lynch mobs?

November can't get here fast enough....

I don't know about you (nor do I care, as this is MY blog).... But I have had just about an assfull of the current years election cycle horseshit. The presidential election boils down to this in a nutshell: Either a guy that's been doing the job (and well) for the last 4 years, or some penoid commie bastard from Massachusetts. The choice is easy to see. One has been rather consistent, the other has been all over the map.

I don't want another 9/11. If I thought sKerry had a shot in hell of doing half as well as Bush, I might consider him. As it stands.. I'd vote for my own dog (which, btw is a worthless PoS food-to-shit factory) over that money-whore.

Karl Marx might be dead, but damned if he aint still twitching.


CoH just had a smile....

Well, a good (and long-time) friend just came back to CoH. Huzzah! I've been trying to make it as easy for him as possible... Advice, cash, and an open offer to break out my healer to put him on follow if need-be. He's taken the scrapper line.. . atm, the 2nd best possible build. After Cryptic's nerffuckfest happens...It's the top predator build. I expect that release will happen within the next 2-4 weeks.

I'm looking forward to the update, as I have since adjusted... Playing a Spine/Regen Scrapper atm. It's weird, but this build is damn fun. Will be a good 10-30% more fun once the update happens. Me, playing a melee class.... Didn't the Jehova's Witnesses have a prophecy about that?


Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Old friends coming to play?

Got word a good friend of mine might be coming back to CoH. If only for a month. Hopefully it does him right this time. I look forward to seeing him. Now, if we can just convince that hippy brother of his to get off the WoW beta teat, and come give this game a shot.


Monday, September 06, 2004

Let see how long this lasts...

Well, CoH was -almost dead for me. Cryptic (in their infinite ignorance) decided to nerf the hell out of my favorite Archtype. That being Assault Rifle/Devices. They basically took the soul from that build. And don't give me that crap about "this is how we originally intended it to be. If that lie were true, you would not have released the game with this "bug" in place.

I mean, C'mon Cryptic. Grow a set of dangles, and say it straight: "We at Cryptic felt that since a vocal minority complained about how others seemed to have fun, and not need the dead weight, limp-wristed scrotalboys that have the skill of a turnip that are consumed with jealousy... We are hereby following the slippery slope of every other POS game company by getting on our knees for the lowest common denominator."

I had to really fight myself to not just cancel my account. I mean, I don't get it. Are not these companies in the business to provide -fun- to their subscribers? I'm sorry, but after investing 300+ hours of my life into a character, just to have it gutted is not fun in the least. SO... I am retiring that guy.

I went back to my original love. My spines/invulnerability scrapper. That was the first build I had ever rolled, and he has been sitting on ice for month because I had so much fun playing my Ar/Dev Blaster. Well, I have since thawed my scrapper, and have been working to get him going. I have to say, he's not too bad. The first 8 levels rather sucked. The fact I solo almost exclusively would account for that I think. Getting him to level 9 took me forever. Odd thing however; once I hit 9, he took off like a shot. Roughly 20 hours to get to level 9, and less than an hour to hit level 10. Heh, go figure.

Of course, I play this character with a slight trepidation. I know it's just a matter of time before it too is raped with the nerfbat. Nothing that is fun, and you can solo lasts long. There seems to be too many whiney, jealous inbreds in MMOs these day, that think if someone else is having fun and does not need them then obviously the game is "unbalanced".

If you want to feel needed, join the Peace Corp.... And leave my damn game alone.

Sinus headache + booze = bad days ahead

I'm feeling the effects of my bottle as I type this. My magic bottle of liquid lovings... Usually, I would have a nice little buzz going to see me to sleepyland. Unfortunately, I also have troubles with my sinuses tonight. I'm not sure if it's pollen or mold spores (the latter seems more likely, considering recent weather).

One thing I am certain of, this sucks. I -barely- have a buzz, but I quite definitely have a headache. I have been wearing out my bottle of Afrin Nasal Spray©. It dries out my nose, opens my nasal passages, but not for the 12 hours the box promised. And it makes my head feel mushy. Sucks.

What I need is a good plate of Korean food. That stuff will chase off a cold, sinusitis, and even cancer... Depending on what you get. I think I am overdue a heaping plate of red-hot spicy pork. Mmmm...Hungery already. I might go see if the local Korean joint is open tomorrow. I doubt they observe Labor Day.

Then again, as my luck runs.... They will be the only Asians in the USA that do.


Cryptic Studios is like the rest

They suck the lowest common denominator cock just like the rest of the MMO developers. I find it sad they cover their actions with statements like "This was how we originally intended it to be..."

Bullshit I say. Had they "originally" intended it, why the hell did they wait 4-6+ months from release to put it like they "originally intended"...?

Cryptic=SOE. Very sad....

You know what I would like... A company that makes an MMO, and when people whine, piss, and moan on the forums for a nerf...They tell them to STFU or cancel their account. Then End. Period. I am so sick and damn tired of MMO companies screwing with a game after release. Patches are fine, new content is great, bug fixes...Just peachy. But no more of this screwing with basic game mechanics. That crap should damn well have been resolved in beta. Post-release is not beta 5...Get it straight, jerkasses!


Thursday, September 02, 2004


I've been following the convention coverage for the last 3 days, and will be doing so tonight as well. I have to say, this is the most lively convention the RNC has had in years. It makes the DNC convention earlier this year look like a gathering of the dead and the senile.

Am I a republican? No. I can honestly disavow that I am a republican. I certainly am not a democrat either. Both parties really are two sides of the same coin. Both want the same things, they just execute "da master plan" differently. Dems are "pro-poor, big government wealth redistributing", whereas the republicans are "pro-corporation, big government wealth redistributers". Neither party remembers why they are there. To (you better sit down) serve the interests of the people. Not the government, but those who are supposedly in charge of it. Oh, don't get me wrong. There are decent people on both sides. But sadly, these individuals are too few in number. Were the incentive (ie: no re-elections due to term limits) removed, the majority of those we sent to Washington would be less concerned with their own careers/political futures, and more concerned with serving the public interest.

If the congress is the heart of our government, then the Constitution is it's soul. Sadly, too many have forgotten their soul. After the initial 10 Amendments (the Bill of Rights), there are rather few amendments that should ever have been allowed to soil this grand document. The abolishment of slavery, women's' right to vote, term limits on the President... These were good, just, and needed. Prohibition, establishment of the income tax, and allowing senators to be elected via popular vote were at best, misguided... But most were downright destructive.

Woah! Back up the train! Allowing us to elect our senators was bad??

In a word, yes. Prior to the change, it was the legislative body of each sovereign state to elect a senator. Why did the founding fathers do this? Quite simply, you have bodies in congress; the House of Representatives, and the Senate. The House was to represent the interests of the people, the number of seats decided by the number of people living within each state. This was to give equitable representation to 'the people'. Each state was allowed 2 senators. No more, no less. This was to ensure each state government was afforded equal representation within the republic. That's right, the Senate is not supposed to represent 'the people' at all. It is the check and balance placed to protect the rights of the states from the federal government, as well as 'the people'.

Read up folks. It's amazing how far we've deviated from the original intent of the founders for this "Grand experiment in self-governance".

MMORPG means?

For those that play them, you understand that acronymn.

Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game.

Go back and reread that again....

So what's my point? So glad you asked. You did ask, trust me.

I, like many others, enjoy playing this type of game. There is a certain something about knowing you are in a virtual world, populated by other people. Just like the real world, there are no "pause" functions in them. And there is a social element that personally I believe makes this form of game far superior to any console or single-player PC game. With that being said, I want to air a pet peeve of mine.

I like to solo play. Solo play offers a degree of freedom that having to wait for a group to form denies. Any game that makes it impossible (or inflicts a penalty) when you solo is not a game I will play for very long. Finding others within your level range, organizing a group, and deciding what to do is neither fun, nor worth the monthly fee most MMOs charge. Not to mention having to deal with the usual compliment of assorted pinheads, griefers, and "short-bussers" you get in abundance in such games. Most games require you to be at least old enough to have a credit card. Sadly, a large majority of the population consist of mouth-breathing, pre-pubers paying on mommy's card. Having to deal with them is annoying.

So why play an MMO if you solo? Why not just play a single-player game? Don't you think by definition an MMO -should- require you to team with others? Where you dropped on your head as a child?

Good questions, I shall address each one for you.

1) I play MMOs to solo, because frankly you can not get the same thing in the ways of a persistant world, constant updates/patches, and new content like the majority of MMOs provide.

2) See number 2.

3) I hope you reread that breakdown of what MMO stood for. Massive Multiplayer != Massive Co-operative. Pull your head out of that socialist sandpit, and understand that you can have a LOAD of people in something, yet they are not in it for the betterment of each other. I know this concept will be hard for the products of government indoctrination camps (read: the public school system post 1963) to wrap their minds around: Self interest is not an evil thing.

-GASP- Oooooo what he just said.....

That's right. I pay my monthly fee from what remains of the income the government so kindly allows me to keep so that I may enjoy myself. My happiness is not dependent upon the other players. I truely feel that as long as -my fun- does not impugn -your fun- then I should play as I wish. Some game designers have recognized this fact, but sadly most will cave to the incessent whining of those that can not make progress in a game, and thus it must be the fault of the "powergamers", the solo players (because they dont need a team), or the developers for allowing such an obvious "imbalance" to be in the game.

and finally......

4) No. Lead paint. 'Nuff said.

On the air

Well, maybe it's time to put my rantings online. My shopping cart lost a wheel, and the guy with the refridgerator box aint listening. Beside, Elvis, The King (aka: Big E) told me to do it when I ran into him at the Circle-K last night.

More to come.